By Pastora Monique Lopez Ong

What does patience mean?


Makros - long

Thumos - Temper

The ability to hold one’s temper for a long time.

Long suffering.

When you look at the dictionary, all the words pertaining to the word ‘patience,’ are needed by everyone. Tolerance. Restraint. Persistence. Forbearance. Endurance. Perseverance. Calmness. Humility. Self-control. A patient person is able to endure much pain and suffering without complaining. He is slow to anger as he waits for God to provide the comfort and to fight the battle for them. That is why it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. You cannot do it without Him. Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. It has been said: trust the process. The time is coming. Just do the work.

So wait. Do not move without thinking. Do not move when you are angry. Do not do anything without talking to God first. Patience comes with a position of power. You are powerful if you are patient. You have the ability for both. Holding your mouth and your anger is a sign of strength. Losing patience is a sign of weakness. There are situations that make you explode. But God is coming. He is in control of everything. Choose to love instead of losing your cool.

One minute of patience is equivalent to ten years of peace, says a Greek proverb. There are patient men in the Bible. You might think that while reading it, you simply go from one story to the next. But if you read it thoroughly, you will see that there are patient men in the Bible. Take Job for example. He lost everything, got sick and all. Job’s sufferings took at least 2 years. But he never cursed God or complained. His friends and even his wife told him to go against God but his faith never wavered. He waited on the Lord and everything was restored to him.

Joseph had dreams but his brothers were envious of him. They sold him into slavery and was even imprisoned. You would think that there was no hope for Joseph. You can go all the way down but there is no way but up. It took 22 years from the time Joseph dreamed his dreams until he became second in command to Pharaoh. Other people give up after only a few days. But God has better plans. Joseph’s eyes were only on Jesus.

David was anointed to be king even when Saul was still the king. When you think about it, he was not even considered to be a king by his own father. But God had other plans. God’s eyes see people in a different light. He was anointed king at 15 but he had to wait. His life was even endangered because Saul wanted him dead. It took 15 years for him to really sit on the throne.