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The Higher Ground

By Pastor Peter Aguila


When God called Moses to climbed up to the top of Mt. Sinai, Moses did not think twice whether to ask why or when Moses just obeyed what the Lord said.

Just thinking about Moses climbing a mountain already seem hard, how much more climbing up to its peak? Our initial reaction to anything that we think is too much for us to handle is to feel nervous and scared. To feel anxious about what the Lord is planning to do.

The spirit of fear always overcome us first but the Lord wants you to overpower that fear and embrace the beauty behind this enormous calling God has set before you. Remember when David fought Goliath? Or when Moses separates the Red Sea? We won’t know the power of God we know today if these people let themselves be eaten by their fear—if they disobeyed God and turn from the higher ground (situation) God wants them to reach.

Our Lord is our redeemer, in every situation He wants us to rise from that and see His beautiful plan for us. When He saved us and we were born again, His plan is for us to be with Him in Heaven. We cannot see and experience His great gift for us if we are too afraid to rise up from each situation the world is throwing at us.

We must know, being a Christian is being unafraid of whatever Goliath or great sea is in front because we have a bigger God that got our back and He is on the move to help us rise every time.

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