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The Church of the Living God: The builder of the church

By Pastor Peter Aguila


When religion is being brought up into the conversation, usually the issue of the denomination and competition follows it. A lot of people argue who’s right and who’s wrong in belief, in faith; some argue, and some are lost thinking where is the right path in life.

The truth is, God is not looking by how big the church is but by how big is the heart of the church. What the world doesn’t know is God is not impressed if the church is filled with millions of devoted followers but He is pleased with a pure heart filled with faith in Him.

Heaven is not after the quantity but is after the quality. God is not after how huge and grand the church is, it’s the hearts of the people praising Him that matters. It’s as simple as, if the house is not durable enough, even how beautiful or grand it looks, it can be easily torn down.

The most important thing in building a church is the foundation. If the foundation and the builder of the church (the pastors, volunteers, and members) aren’t deep-rooted enough in Christ, the church can be destroyed easily.

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