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Shape Up: Break from the Noise!

By Pastora Monique Lopez Ong

Blaise Pascal once said, “All the unhappiness of men rise from one single fact; they are unable to stay quiet in a room.” People are scared when it is quiet because so many things run through their head. The world is so noisy nowadays and it is not a happy noise. Everybody is on the move that is seems 24 hours is not enough. When you are in a hurry, you end up finishing less, your order is not in order, and really, you do not finish anything.

The cellphone is the most time-saving technology that you have. Ask Google and you have all the answers to your questions.  But you do more things to do more things. The cellphone makes it easier, but the things you do now are asking you to do more. You become addicted to the fast-paced life. You are in the cycle of being noisy that you become so busy, it hinders your spiritual life. You are under satan’s yoke. Even the church can be so busy doing the things of God but not knowing Him.

The break from the noise allows you to get focused so you can give. You have drowned the voice of God because of all the noise in the world. Who are you listening to? What are you watching? Who is with you? When you drown out the voice of God, you literally die because you only need one person. The enemy uses your business to fill up your schedule that you do not have any time to hear the Father. This is good, but you forget the one thing that is mast important. You forget to spend solitude and silence with the one person you need the most.

What is solitude? It is the practice of temporarily being absent from others and being present with God. Silence is the practice of voluntarily and temporarily abstaining from speaking so you can hear from God.

Jesus spent time alone. Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. To prepare for a major task (Mark 1:12-13) - Was Jesus with you during the covid season? Did you spend time in fear or in faith? When ypu spend time alone with God, He is preparing you for a greater task.

  2. Before heading to the next assignment (Mark 1:35-39) - There are many things urgent but are not important. You will know what is important, what God’s will is, when you spend time with Him.

  3. To recharge after hard work (Mark 7:30-32) - Spending time with God is important to recharge after hard work. To relax, some go from noise to noise, watching tv and drinking when they are so tired. Spend time with God and watch how he can recharge you.

  4. To walk powerfully in signs, wonders and miracles (Mark 6:46, 48-50) - For signs and wonders to take place, you need to be walking so deep with the Father that they manifest themself to you.

  5. Before making an important decision (Luke 6:12-13) - Pray for everything, every single decision you are going to make, especially those that will change your life.

  6. To encounter heaven on earth (Mark 9:2-4) - The deeper you encounter God, the more you bring heaven on earth. God invites you into His throne room and you will not be able to explain your experience. The issues of this world will not matter anymore and you become healed while you pray.

  7. In times of distress (Luke 22:39-42) - When you feel like you are in a dead end, call out to God. If you want to feel strong, you need to come in solitude with Him. Come to the Father honestly so that His will can be done.

The loneliest people are the ones who do not know how to be alone with Jesus. Many always want to be in the company of others. They become lonely when their friends are not around. But you can be alone without being lonely if Jesus is with you.

Psalms 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Learn to be silent amidst the noise. Break from the cycle of noise so you can know God.

If you want to be more like Jesus, change your priorities. Jesus must come first. Do not do anything until you go to Jesus first.

If you want breakthroughs, learn to wait and linger in His presence. Do not be in a hurry. Learn to wait. Learn to linger and get into His secret place.

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