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Our Most Important Role

By Pastor John Mateos Ong


As we celebrate Father’s day, we’ll talk about that one important thing which fathers should know— their role according to God.

Many men today are not taught how to be a good father— or at least just being a father. Some fail on how to be a good one while others, fortunately, had a role model which made them know how to be one.

Deuteronomy 6:5-9 tells us a commandment basically pertaining to fathers. A commandment of the Lord that for me every man should know. First, love the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength. Second, keep the commandments in your hearts and teach them to your children. Third, talk about them whenever and wherever you are. Wear them like a badge on your hands and foreheads, and write them on your doorframe and gates.

In other words, knowing and teaching Jesus to your household is a father’s most important job.

Reality check, most parents (including mothers) value more other things that they thought is the most important (education, financial support, etc.) though these components are also important, some of the parents tend to forget the most important thing— which is Jesus.

Psalm 127:4 says children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. Our goal as a parent is to release our arrows (children) into society as Christ-centered, Biblically-anchored world changers. We must unleash children who glorify the Lord that they will not be swayed by teachings of the world but will change it through Him.

Now the job of the parents, especially fathers is to prepare their children before they release them into the world. So when the time comes that they need to face society and reality, they will have no fear because they are armed with Jesus’ teachings.

Another reality check is the society we now live in. Full of hatred, vices, wrong behaviors and such. Sadly, we cannot stop these but fortunately, we can expose them to greater things that help them determine what they will become despite the chaotic society.

We can start by teaching them, Jesus. Yes, it is true that we cannot force them to love God but we can always expose them to people and things that may lead them to fall in love with Jesus. Parents’ armor is the Bible, in the church we teach the Bible and in order for these children follow through the teachings, we need to follow through it in the homes. Teach them by letting them see that you also do it.

Let us make it simpler. Since we cannot force them to love God here are 3 things we can expose them to so we can create an environment in our homes that lets your children love the Lord easier.

  1. The Joy of Knowing God - The attitude of a person that doesn’t know God is very different to someone who knows Him. As a parent especially as a father, it is very important that you know and you have the joy of knowing Him. John 17:3 is a lovely verse that tells us, “3 Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” How can you make them feel the joy of knowing God? (1) The Word, it is good that you set an example of reading and loving the Bible. It is better if everyone in the home reads and understands it. (2) Prayer, prayer is our first line of defense against the enemies. Teach and expose your children how to pray to God, ask for things in humility, and create blessings and credit back to God. Let them know that every good thing comes from the Lord. (3) Presence, help your children get into His presence by creating a place where God can dwell. Cleanse your homes by worshiping and praising Him with the whole household.

  2. Presence and Power in Church - When we receive the Holy Spirit we become the church. What we need to teach our kids is the church is not a part of our lives. It is our life! There are things that aren’t optional, going to church is the best example. Show the Lord your commitment to Him by going to church as a whole family.

  3. The Thrill of being used by God - We must show to our kids that serving Jesus is not a burden. Mark 4:8 says, the seed fell on a good soil produced crop multiplying thirty, sixty and some a hundred. We can tell from this that regardless of how many we produce as a Christian, the important thing is that we let God use us in His work.

More than what we say, our kids look at our actions. And for us, do we really show how much we love the Lord? It is true that some do not have a good father as their example such as the A’s of bad Fathering: Abandoned, Absentee, Away, Abusive, and Angry.

Even if we deny it, fathers have a great impact on their children. We affect a huge percent of how they end up in life.

We may have bad fathers here on earth but don’t forget that we have another father who loves us so much and won’t abandon us. He is just waiting for us to reunite with Him.

If you are or you know someone who needs a love of a father, introduce them to Jesus and change lives. Let them know that there is Jesus who is a perfect father and we are blessed to His children.


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