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Extravagant Worship

By Pastora Monique Lopez Ong

Worship is a weapon. Amidst all the problems around you, you should worship all the more because it is the key. When you are doing things for the Lord, that is when the enemy strikes. But when you worship, breakthroughs are sure to come.

Luke 7 tells of very extravagant worship. What is extravagant worship? And just how extravagant is God’s love? The woman in the story was immoral and was simply described as being a prostitute. She was a second rate citizen and did not have any rights during that time. But she heard Jesus was in a certain house and even if she was not invited, she came because she wanted to see and worship Him. She probably felt so desperate and knew that there was nobody she could run to. She knew that only Jesus could give her peace. When she entered the house, she was prepared and simply kept kissing His feet. She knew He would accept and forgive her no matter how sinful she is. During those times in the Middle East, women used to hide their hair. But this woman used her long mane to wipe Jesus’ feet.

Many people come to church unprepared. They come empty-handed. They do not prepare their heart or mind. They are not ready. When worship time comes, they have nothing to offer to God. When the woman used her hair to wipe Jesus’ feet with her hair and her tears, she gave Him everything.

What did Jesus do to your life? Do you remember how your life was when He was not your Lord and Savior? Do you want to go back to that kind of life? If you do, surely, you will cry loads of tears in remembering how God was so good to you inspite of all your wrongdoings. Jesus saw you and picked you up from the ground. He paid for all of your sins. Would you not worship Him because of His extravagant love?

  1. Extravagant worship is centered on Jesus Christ alone. You should only worship Jesus. You should be willing to be exposed. Some worship half-heartedly and not with their entire being. God sees your heart. He knows everything about you. He witheld bothing from you and you should do the same. Worship should be a place of complete surrender where you sing songs of praise to our Lord. You should be completely surrendered to Him. And then you thank Him because He is worthy. How do you spend your money? Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” Your spending will tell you what is important to you and what you idolize. You may think you are worshipping but you do not give out of the abundance of your heart. You are extravagant in so many things and to so many people. Be extravagant with God.

  2. Extravagant worship flows from a grateful heart. Many come to worship because they want and need something. But this unnamed woman brought everything she had, not wanting anything. This can only happen if you remember what God has done for you. God died for you. What is more extravagant than that? He put His life on the line. He is the King but He was born in a manger. And He was willing to die for sinners like you and me so that we can have eternal life. How do you respond to that extravagance? Volunteer in a church ministry or join a small group. These are simple things that sadly, other people cannot commit to. You are walking victoriously because of Him.

  3. Extravagant worship is costly. The rich man in the Bible cannot even give up his riches to be able to follow Jesus even if he did everything that He asked him to do. It is very costly to follow Jesus; but it is worth it. It will require your time, talent and treasure; even your reputation. David did not want to offer anything to God that cost him nothing. When you offer anything to God, make it count. Do not give when it is easy; give especially when it is difficult. Do not give because there is a reward. Give because the Lord is worthy. If it is for the Lord, it will be easy. Do not wrestle when He tells you to give it to Him.

  4. Extravagant worship is a prophetic act. The woman put perfume on Jesus’ feet as a symbol of His burial. It was a preparation. Everybody should practice extravagant worship because Jesus is coming again. He is inviting you to a wedding feast. This is the greatest celebration you will ever partake in.

Have you prepared yourself? What did you bring at the table? How extravagant is your worship? Offer God all that you have: your time, your treasure and your talent! What else are you willing to give? What have you done for the Lord? Do not come empty-handed. Respond accordingly. It is your preparation to meet your Savior. All you will do is worship Him in heaven. Practice extravagant worship on earth and offer Him all that you have. He is worthy.

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