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Celebrating 5 years

Admittedly, taking on the calling of planting a church without any guidance was not in my plan. I remember when we opened our doors on the 3rd of Dec 2014. Being a Business Management graduate, I did a feasibility study and was told that about 19 people confirmed to come. After reading 3 books about how to start a church, I was convinced that I would be glad to have 10 people come. To my surprise, about a hundred came and most of them were kids. It was chaotic to say the least and I would rather not write down the other adjectives I would use to describe that first day. I almost quit. I told God, "This was not what I signed up for." Fast forward to today. Despite our prayers to upgrade the community we serve, what God upgraded was our hearts. We are happy where we are and love the people we serve. To date, we have helped hundreds of families and send over a 100+ kids to school. Not only have we found a mentor with the same heart beat for the poor, but God has given us people from the community to walk along side us in serving. I am proud to say that the people who attend are very much on fire!


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