Kingdom Culture: Creating Healthy Families

By Pastora Monique Lopez Ong

The family is the idea of God. It is not good for man to be alone, He said. He made man to have dominion over all of creation. He also asked Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply. You were never meant to be alone. The basic unit of society is the family. And the basic unit of the church is not the building: it is the people. The real church is not a building: it is the family.

God wants a relationship with you.  The face of the kingdom of God is families. Every kingdom subject has to do with the basic concept of family. If the church is not one family, you are missing out; because the church now becomes an organization or an institution. You are missing out because God wants a relationship with you. If you do not feel like you are a part of your church’s family, you are simply getting religion. How is your relationship with God? If you have a relationship with God, you will automatically want a relationship with others.

The family order is necessary for an abundant life. God first, husband and wife next, and children next. He is showing you a prophetic foretaste of what family should be. God uses this as an illustration of what it should look like when Jesus, the bridegroom loves His bride, the church (the wife) - and what does the wife do? She submits to God in everything.