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Experiencing Breakthrough

By Pastora Faith Leong


In our modern day, it is hard for us to believe in miracles, in breakthroughs, in impossible things to actually happen. But if we refocus our hearts on having faith to experience breakthrough through a miracle by Jesus we can clearly see that is always been possible to experience.

Now, if you want to see the miracle the first thing you have to do is you have to POSITION YOURSELF RIGHTLY. Position yourself where there are expectations, where there’s a story, where there’s a testimony of miracle.

The Gospel of Mark tells you a story of when Jesus passed through the town of Jericho just before his passion. Near the town of Jericho is a blind man named Bartimaeus. When he heard that Jesus of Nazareth was nearby, he started to shout, calling upon Jesus, telling have mercy on him. When Jesus heard Bartimaeus, he stopped walking and told Bartimaeus to come to him. Jesus didn’t stop because he saw Bartimaeus lying on the floor. He didn’t stop because he saw that he was begging. He didn’t stop because he saw that Bartimaeus was blind. Jesus stopped because he HEARD a worshipper calling on Him and not a whiner. That’s another thing to see a miracle, you must first of all worship the Lord with all your heart. Bartimaeus didn’t beg for his situation to call Jesus’ attention instead he called Jesus as “Son of David”—hence he believed that Jesus is the Messiah. Bartimaeus started to shout a shout of worship; he began to DECLARE.

The third thing to experience a breakthrough in miracle is you got to be DETERMINED. Bartimaeus didn’t stop on calling to Jesus even if many of the people yelled at him to be quiet. Christians have the same fate as Bartimaeus, the devil will try to shut us up on calling to the Lord but if we want to see the miracle we’ve got to be determined. Turn the situation around and rebuke the devil, believe that God is able to do all things.

The last thing is DEDICATION. During the time of Jewish tradition, beggars like Bartimaeus will be given a coat to prove that he has no source of income and that he can beg for money on the streets. The coat is his identity and his license to beg. But even before Jesus healed Bartimaeus, he threw away his coat and immediately came to Jesus. It is like throwing away your identity and saying that “I am no longer who I am before for I believe that Jesus will heal me and will do a miracle to change my life”. Bartimaeus was determined to follow Jesus. It said Bartimaeus followed Jesus down the road. Out of all the people who came to Jesus asking for healing, Bartimaeus was the only one who was named. Why? Because he’s the only one who followed Jesus after he received His miracle.

When Jesus said come to Bartimaeus, he came. And when He asked him what he can do for him, Bartimaeus said to Jesus, “I want to see”, instantly he can see. You see, the breakthrough isn’t hard to receive, it is immediate when you obey Him. Sometimes we struggle to see the breakthrough coming because of our hard times. But if we believe in God, keep our faith then miracles and breakthroughs happen.

4 things to consider to experience a breakthrough:

-       Position yourself rightly

-       Declaration

-       Determination

-       Dedication

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