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The Book of Ezra: Return, Rebuild, Revival

By Pastora Monique Lopez Ong


Many people have been conquered by a lot of things because they have turned away from the Lord. In the same manner, there are also a lot of prophetic words and promises in the Bible that are slowly being revealed in our time. Back in the day, the book of Ezra was one of these. 


In summary, the Babylonians have conquered Jerusalem, destroyed their temple and took most Israelites into exile. But King Cyrus has allowed the exiled Israelites to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. He also asked his people to give the exiled Israelites everything they needed to do the latter, which is actually the fulfillment of a promise in Jeremiah where he said the exiles would return to Jerusalem one day. Who in their right mind would not obey?


In the next chapters, the rebuilding of the temple has begun. But not without opposition. Many people wanted to help build the temple but with a different motive. Just like our Christian walk. A lot of people want to take part  of our journey towards Christ-likeness but are really hindrances to our growing faith. Do not let them in and do not be discouraged. The Christian walk is not easy. It is almost impossible without the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our eyes need to be focused only on Jesus. And just like the rebuilding of the temple, we may stop every once in a while, hit bumps along the way. But God is not letting us go.  When the Lord opens a door, it will never be shut. When God says hang on, His promises will never falter. What is God’s promise to you? Wait for it. If God gives you a word and you do not obey, He will send someone else. But if you do so, it will be the most glorious thing. 

REVIVAL is coming when we obey. We are made right with God and there is a spiritual awakening  by the Holy Spirit which results in holy Living, evangelism and missions. 

God is setting us up for His greatness and for His glory. We should humble ourselves. 

We should fast and pre-confess our sins. And lastly, we should yield to God’s word. All the time. Every time.


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