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Christmas Joy Project 5

Help in Cooking, Program Hosting, Worship or Sharing the Gospel on these dates:

December 18 - 4P's Party

December 19 - Adult Party

December 20 - Teens Party

December 21 - Kids Party

A. What you can pitch in creating

our noche buena bag:

Bible, Canned Goods, Rice, Noodles, Spaghetti, Fruits/Fruit Cocktail, Milk

B. Help make our parties

more fun by donating:

Food for the Salu-salo,

Prizes & Giveaways

C. For Monetary Treasure here's

the bank details:

Revelation City Church Community

Service Foundation Inc.

ACC NO. 3903 0686 521


or Through PayPal account

We believe that through prayer,

we get supernatural help while working with our beneficiaries. Join us in praying for the children to grow healthy holistically, and for the families to become empowered and equipped through our programs.


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