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A Fresh Revelation is Coming!

By Pastor Robert Clancy

God is coming back soon and before He does, He wants to pour out His spirit and bring an end time revival to the nations. When God places a revelation to you, it is something that goes deep down in your spirit and nobody can take that from you. Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say I am?” And they answered, “Some say you are John the Baptist, Jeremiah or Elijah.” But all of a sudden, Peter starts to speak from his belly and says, “You are the Christ, the Messiah, the Promised One.” Jesus said, “Flesh and blood did not tell you this. No man shared that with you. It was not a revelation from this world. You were not inspired by things in this world. But my Father in heaven gave you that deep revelation.” When you have a revelation from God, nobody can steal that from you. In Isaiah 49:1 it says, you were called from your mother’s womb and nobody can rob that calling from you unless you allow it to. And when the devil  knows there is a calling upon your life, he will do everything to try to destroy your destiny. In Exodus 2, Moses was called to be a deliverer. When God delivers you, He also calls you to deliver others. Even though pharaoh asked all the male babies to be killed because he knew a deliverer was to be among them, God spared the life of Moses because that was his destiny. Moses was raised in the house of Pharaoh before he came to understand what he was really supposed to do. The devil will try to destroy your destiny through poverty, addiction, sin, or even people around you. But you need to rise up and come to the knowledge of why you were created. You were created for a purpose and for a reason. While the devil may come to squash that call, it is inside of you. There is a seed inside of you that will spring forth until you come into the knowledge of Christ.

Peter’s revelation was birthed from the Spirit of the living God and when that is deposited inside of you, nobody can steal it. You need a fresh revelation. Zechariah 4:4 says, “Then the angel who had been talking with me returned and woke me, as though I had been asleep. “What do you see now?” he asked. I answered, “I see a solid gold lampstand with a bowl of oil on top of it. Around the bowl are seven lamps, each having seven spouts with wicks. And I see two olive trees, one on each side of the bowl.” The 2 olive trees also spoken about in Revelation 11, are the 2 witnesses that will speak to Jerusalem that will awaken them in their slumber and bring them into a revival to come into Christ. There is also oil coming from the bowl. The lamp stand that is made from gold represents the Father. But when the gold is formed into a lamp stand, it represents Jesus Christ. The 7 lamp stands represent the 7 Spirits of God and the lamp stand, originally put in Exodus 25, also represents the Trinity. The oil coming from the bowl represents anointing and fresh revelation constantly flowing from the lamp stand.

You need a fresh revelation in your life and also for your time because you are living in a time that is drawing closer to the coming of Jesus. The church of Jesus Christ right now is the light of the world right now. When God calls you, He calls you from the clutches of the enemy to free and deliver you so you can also deliver others.

When God calls you, he calls you from the womb. And the devil will do everything to distract you from reaching your full potential in Christ. When Jesus comes for His church, He is not coming for denominations and buildings. He is coming for a Body of Christ. He is coming for a remnant bride that has made itself ready.

There is something going to change because there is a transition going on. There have been different moves of different churches on the forefront where the Holy Spirit has gone into the traditional churches and pulled people out to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The way church is run will change dramatically because the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit that is coming will go beyond church walls. The church needs to change its way of thinking to prepare for this new move otherwise, it will not be ready. God is raising up people to let others know that Jesus is coming back soon.

Things are about to change. This mentality of being isolated and having a denominational mindset is going to change dramatically. When this move of God comes, the people who will fight it the most are those who love their religion more than they love the Holy Spirit.

You need to have a revelation today. God needs to deposit something in your spirit so that nobody can change your mind. Nobody can come along and direct you in another direction because today, you have many voices speaking but not directing you in the right way.

Revival is about to come. It is the sovereign move of God that even men have to stand out of the way for God to come in his presence. When Solomon built the temple, the Glory of God came. Right now, you are busy fulfilling the commission to the community. But what happens when revival comes? People become conscious and seek out something better than what they have. They want and need more because they know that what they have is not enough. The spirit of conviction starts to comes. There is a consciousness of God and you have to be ready of else they will just fall through the net.

The coming revival is bigger than one church and bigger than one denomination. Everybody needs to work together. There has to be a divine flow because there is a divine order. The church is going to be shocked because it is not going to come from man made efforts. God will overlook anyone that is prideful and come to the humble. When God comes, it may start in one place first but it is going to spread. God is coming for the forgotten nations - places where lots of people can be killed but you do not hear about it in the news.

A new season is coming. The church of Jesus Christ needs to align itself with what God is saying at this hour. God is saying He is coming back soon. Everything is there. All the signs are there. The church age is going to come to a close soon but for now, God says He will pour out His spirit. The re is a change coming and God is looking for anybody that has a heart for God. He is just looking for His remnant, those who are ready to do what He has called Him to do.

The mark of a wise church is not how many people go to the church but how many people leave transformed through the word and presence of God. God wants to transform you and give you a deeper revelation today. He wants to use each and every humble heart. God is calling each person to be separated in this hour and draw closer tot he Lord.

God is coming to prepare the church. Are you opening your heart to His revelation? Do you want to be a part of this end time move of God? God will do everything to get your attention. When revival comes, the spirit of God will spread like wildfire. Have you had the revelation that Jesus is the Messiah? He is the hope of all nations. Open your hearts and be ready for what He is going to do.


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