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21 Lessons from Paul’s First Journey

By Pastor John Mateos Ong and Nina Mistula

The journey of Paul began in Syria in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, chapters 13-14.

Verse 1-3

1.Ministries should hear the Holy Spirit so you will always know what action to take.

  Verse 4

2. Importance of accountability and mentoring - When Jesus sends our His disciples, He always sent them out by twos.

Verse 6-8

3. Rebuke false teachings - This is worse than the bad things people do. When the mind is attacked, the action is continuous. Your mind is a door. If you realize a teaching is wrong, close the door right away. Choose education over entrrtainment to be more productive.

Verse 13-14

4. Understand the seasons - John Mark was asked to return probably because he was needed in the church and he already learned what he needed to learn. You do not own people. Learn to let go.

Verse 15-16

5. Be ready to share the gospel anytime, anywhere.

Verse 26-30

6. Study the crowd so that you will know how to get your message through.

Verse 38-39

7. The gospel is simple. - Do not complicate things.

Verse 42-43

8. The gospel is exciting!

Verse 44-45

9. There will always be opposition. - This is normal when you are a follower of Jesus.

Verse 50-52

10. When the job is done, move on. - Get out of your comfort zone.

Acts 14

Verse 1

11. You will get used to it.

Verse 3

12. The word is with courage and power. - They preached boldly.  Courage is a manifestation of your faith. The Holy Spirit will give power to your word and it can turn into miracles.

Verse 8-10

13. Be sensitive to the prompts of the Holy Spirit. Obey right away.

Verse 11-12

14. We are all worship beings.  - Even those that do not believe in God. Everybody has one thing they worship, sometimes even themselves. God left a god-shaped hole in all people’s hearts. If God does not fill it, other things will.

Verse 14-15

15. Always give back all glory to God. - Use your influence to give glory to Jesus.

Verse 21

16. Discipleship takes proximity. - John Maxwell says, “You can inspire people from a distance but influence takes peoximity.” Disicipleship needs closeness.

Verse 22

17. Regularly encourage to continue.  - People need encouragement.

Verse 22

18. Prepare them for hardship. - Do not baby them too much. They have to develop a backbone in the faith.

Verse 23

19. Appoint and empower leaders. - It is better to have more leaders so they can help each other.

Verse 23

20. Fast and pray regularly. - Before you make any decision, fast and pray so that the Lord can guide your steps.

Verse 23

21. Dedicate your ministry to the Lord. - You do not own anything on this world. What things do you still hold on to?

Paul’s first journey also ended where he began because he was not contended with what he has done. When he came back, they probably had a celebration. It is the same with God the Father. He is joyful and glad with the journey we are taking with Him. He is happy with who you are now.

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