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Post Ad Ventures Inc. is a communications company that offers you solutions for your events, advertising, marketing, and sales initiatives.

Events Management

Our extensive experience in event management will ensure that your project run smoothly from conceptualization to execution. Post Ad’s successful events range from product launches, conventions, trade fairs and expos, awards and recognition ceremonies, contests and sporting events to concerts and provincial events. Whether big or small, internal or public, we take care of every little detail so you can just sit back and enjoy your show.

  • Sales conventions and launches

  • Trade shows and exhibits

  • Provincial festivals

  • Sports events


Ensure brand visibility everywhere. Increase your brand presence at a lower cost that traditional media outlets with signage and branded merchandise from Post Ad. Strategic placement at high-traffic areas part of our service is planning these all out for you ensure that your project is made visible to more consumers.

  • Street banners

  • Mini-billboards

  • Retail outlets & Fleets

Audio Visual Presentation

Post Ad is equipped to produce all kinds of Audio-Visual presentations. Cut-to-cut videos, Flash presentations, 2-D and 3-D animation. From story board to post-production and everything in between, Post Ad can create high-definition film quality videos to suit the client’s needs.

  • Flash Animations

  • Power point & Keynote Presentations

  • 2-D / 3-D Animation

  • After Effects

  • Walkthroughs

Promo & Activation

Post Ad is at a unique position to take your brand straight to your consumers. Product sampling and selling, retail outlet promos, and direct-to-consumer projects such as mall/provincial tours, road shows, raffles and prize indemnities are guaranteed hits with Post Ad.

  • Product sampling and selling

  • Retail outlet promo implementations

  • Direct-to-consumer projects

    • Tours,

    • Road shows,

    • Raffles,

    • Prize indemnities

Logo Design

Skilled at graphic and structural design as well as 3D rendering, Post Ad’s talented Creatives team can turn good ideas into amazing visuals. Posters, teasers, ID and ticket designs are just some of the things our artists can deliver. Want a 3D walkthrough of your event concept? A 360-degree view of your venue layout? We can do that, too.

  • Logo 

  • Web design

  • Packaging

  • Collateral

  • Booth 

  • POPs


Post Ad can execute creative ideas from raw and standardized materials, and turn it into innovative artworks, which can be used for production.

  • Arch Design

  • Stage

  • Booth

Corporate Giveaways

Post Ad’s in-house print production team can manufacture all kinds of corporate and promo giveaways at minimal cost. T-shirts, pens, mugs, lanyards and baller IDs—the possibilities are endless.

  • In-house production equipment

  • Minimal cost

  • T-shirts, pens, mugs, lanyards and baller IDs

           — name it, we can make it

Digital Marketing

Post Ad uses social media to maximize the use of Internet and digital content. Information dissemination is a prerequisite to effective advertising; therefore using this as one of its primary means of communication.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram


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