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Kaogma 2015

CWC, Cadlan Pili, Camarines Sur – Indeed, Kaogma Festival just got happier and spicier! The Province of Camarines Sur sure knows how to party and celebrate with its line of events for everyone.

The Kaogma Festival is a weeklong celebration of arts, culture and people of Camarines Sur. It is more popularly known as “Kaogma Mardi Gras: The World’s Hottest Festival”, living to its theme of staging a series of colorful activities open for everyone. It is now on its 436th year!

From spectators to party goers, everyone’s all hyped up, making the sub events of this festival more intensified amidst the sweltering summer heat. From a singing contest, to a mixed martial arts battle, to a local arts festival and finally up to a pristine beauty pageant; the prerequisite to joining is to have your adrenaline as high as anyone else.

All it takes for a grand opening is a hot and spicy production kick off to warm up the Bicolanos, and for all spectators, its just getting more and more exciting by the year.

For this year’s Opening of the Kaogma Festivity, The Province of CamSur jolted off a series of 2 productions in one night! Everything began with a shadow dance invocation to set the mood of the crowd. Then, performances by Migz Dancers and Partners in Rhyme increased the energy and warmed up the crowd with their dance number.

Next up was Mike Kosa and Bassilyo, as they revved up CamSur with their rap. Now here’s the fun part! Gov. Migz Villafuerte surprised everyone as he entered the stage and rapped for everyone, together with fireworks to add up spice to his performance. With that, the youngest governor in the Philippines officially opened the Kaogma Festival! It was totally amazing!

From Gov. Migz’ opening act comes the much awaited Forbidden Concert Round 2: Anne Curtis’ Anne Kapal Production. Because of this, there’s no way anyone’s leaving the CWC grounds! Anne Curtis was with the famous G-force team, with Jimmy Marquez and Ronnie Liang.

Ultimately, it takes more than high-pitched karaoke tunes and ballads to make a stunning production, but for Anne Curtis, she was able to pull off her show through her impressive confidence and wardrobe changes on stage! Her dresses were truly amazing and she definitely wowed the crowd with her vixen-like aura at the CWC Kaogma Grounds!

This year’s opening was hotter, bolder, spicier and happier! What about next year? We’ll definitely expect more, right?

Catch us again next year for Kaogma Festival 2016!

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