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KAOGMA Festival 2017

Happiness Overload

Freedom Sports Complex, Pili, Camarines Sur – The temperature was rising at Camarines Sur for Kaogma Festival 2017: Happiness Overload last May 20-28, 2017. 9 days celebration of arts, culture, history and people! This year, Camarines Sur marked its 438th Foundation Day, and it was an overload of happiness!

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Kaogma Festival is more popularly known as “Kaogma Mardi Gras: The World’s Hottest Festival”, living to its theme of staging a series of colorful activities. Home to the spiciest foods in the planet, the thought of Camsur would send anyone the imagery of chili peppers and coconut milk! The abundance of spice in the region makes everything extra special from the tables of the uragons, up to the festivities it holds!