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No matter where we are in our journey there will always be circumstances where we forgot that God is watching over us and will definitely guide us to the right path; but this must not be our mindset, we must claim God’s promise to us and be positive about it.

The Israelites did reach the Promised Land but before then, Moses was given an instruction to choose a leader from the 12 leaders of the 12 tribes to be in command of their journey towards Canaan. On their journey, the ones who observed the Canaan said that the people who live there are so much stronger and bigger than them which made the Israelites think of unnecessary thoughts. They began to doubt and hesitated to go. Two of the leaders, Caleb and Joshua, on the other hand, remained positive and encouraged the Israelites.

Do you have encouragers in your life? Someone who says “yes there are oppositions but it’s worth it!” These people who push us to do something that we are afraid to do because we let our fears eat us are the ones who we need in life. Unfortunately, there will still be people who discourage. These people who think negatively 24/7 are the very people we need to avoid. Among the 12 leaders, only two of them saw the opportunity and the rest just saw the threat. Sometimes in life, we saw ourselves smaller than we actually are. We are afraid of things that aren’t even real. This is where we need the encouragers, like Joshua, who told the Israelites not to be afraid because God is bigger than the mountains and He is with them.

We see here that being positive adds value not only to you but with the people around you. Yes, there are negative thinkers but the good news is we can train ourselves how to think positively and here are some tips on how to think positive!

1. Keep eyes on God – Peter walked on water, yes, but he sank when his focus on God redirected to the fact that he is walking on water. People sometimes have the wrong focus on life, which is why they keep on sinking withal their negativities.

2. Journal God’s Goodness – some of us hates to write, but what we don’t know we are forgetful people that need to be reminded once in a while. One way of glorifying God is to write every grace and goodness of Him to always remind us that He fulfills every little thing He promised us.

3. Set Life Goals – achievement is something you worked hard for. Dream big with God and make that happen! Strive for it until you get it. And most of all, don’t stop chasing it just because of some problems that go in our way for we must always remember that fulfilling God’s plan for us is what glorifies Him the most.