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For most people, rules are just a set of things that forbid us to do some things we might want to do. For some, these are just restrictions. And the more rules the more they want to disobey. Why? Humans tend to see disobedience to rules/law makes us look and feel cooler than anyone. We feel like we are above everyone else because we are above the law that everyone is obeying.

In the journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land, God gave them commandments through Moses; 10 commandments that will guide the Israelites to be better followers of God. In Christian life, we are expected to obey God’s commandments. But we turned to be sinners for we sure have violated the law once, twice or too many times in our life. A lot of people have committed blasphemy, adultery, robbery, and murder. Too many have coveted, lied, dishonored their parents, forgot to attend to church, and have worshipped false idols. We must know that in the eyes of God, there is no ranking of who committed worst than whom, sin is a sin no matter how big or small it is in our perspective. One commandment disobeyed is equal to disobeying all commandments. If this what it takes, then who do we think can go to heaven? Let’s reflect on this thought because as Christians, we must act accordingly to God’s design.

Truth is, there is no sin too small not to hurt God, and too big for him not to forgive. God may give chances. We have sinned, yet God’s grace abounds. He seeks those who are scared, lost and holds grief to other people. He wants to reach the broken to use them for His glory. God gives another chance to the sinners; he wants to transform them as sinners to God’s people again. For in our sins, God’s grace abounds. We may think, 10 commandments is too difficult to obey, but there is two most important rule in the law as said in Matthew 22:36-40—“Love God, Love Others”.  Remember, if we love God, we will learn to love our neighbor for we do not want to hurt God through our disobedience. As Christians and out of love for the Lord, we must be stewards of righteousness and obedience to lead those who were misled by sin. We will do this to give Him back all the Glory and to give thanks for His grace despite everyone’s sins.