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There’s a big difference between BELIEVING and FAITH—believing is just mere accepting something as true while faith is having complete trust and confidence on something. Something you cannot see, you cannot touch but you hold on to, that is Faith. And in the journey of our faith we will experience ups, downs and sometimes we will be shaken. But that is just the enemy trying to mislead us from the right path to God.

There were many types of confusion and deception that the enemy was using to get us out of the light; to take our faith away. The society itself was one of the tools that had a huge impact on trembling us. The evil whispers in our ears that we are what the surrounding’s telling us—we are who the earth labeled us. But that are all lies to make us fall to the ground gasping for our very little faith to God to save us.

Here’s the good news: prayer is power. We can use our authority in the name of Jesus to compel the evil surrounding our journey towards His kingdom. We can save ourselves through Him inside our hearts, minds and souls. We must remember, all these efforts of the enemy will be powerless when we take a stand over it.

Remember: If God is with you, you are at peace; even when the tides are rough, and everything seems to be just a huge mess around you as long as you remain in His presence you are as calm as a summer breeze, joyful and warm.