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Last time we learned that Egypt represents our “comfort zone”, but the land in between Egypt and the Promised Land is the land of DISCOMFORT. It is where we experience problems, unforeseen circumstances, and sufferings. And while we’re in the phase of discomfort we might think that we are not getting anywhere, we might not be where we want to be, but the good thing is we’re not where we used to be.

The land in between is a fertile ground for 6 things:

1.    Complaints – God provided food for Israelites all throughout their journey but instead of giving thanks to the Lord they give complaints. The land in between is a fertile ground for complaints and rants, and once we’re in the land in between our hearts are in danger. In danger with complaints not only with our physical needs but rants to our Lord.
2.    Depression – Moses grew tired of all the complaints, rants and cries of the Israelites, so he pleaded unto God; he cried upon Him, asking why is God doing that to him. Moses did become depressed and asked God to just kill him. In the land in between we are prone to voices telling us we did everything yet this is what I get in return. In this land, we lose faith when we let our focus for God redirect to our depression that only eats us.
3.    God’s Provision – aside from our complaints and depression, in the land of discomfort grows God’s provision. We must know that God provides in times of need. Despite of our unending protest, God assures us that He will provide things we need as he teach us to be contented as well.
4.    Doubt – when we are in the state of discomfort, even though we know that God will provide, we still tend to doubt His power; but we must always remember that nothing is impossible with God. Let us throw our doubts away and receive God’s assurance.
5.    Discipline – Israelites became querulous, which made their journey to the Promised Land longer. God disciplined them through their journey, and in His discipline there’s redemption. We should know that whenever God disciplines us it is not to bring us down but to build us up to be better followers of Him.
6.    Change – For the longest time, Israelites had been watched over by God. They experienced depression, doubt, they have been disciplined and received God’s provision. And after all those situations, they have been changed. God want them to be changed from Egypt’s slaves to God’s People until they reach the Promised Land.

God’s goal is to not let us be separated from Him. He ensures that us Christians are transformed to Him, changed into better followers of Christ and be always reminded that we are not slaves anymore of any sin but we are now God’s People hat trusts Him most in difficult situations.