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Moses is one of the most powerful and popular patriarchs or leaders mentioned in the bible. Probably what makes Moses such a great leader is his clear vision. God gave him a vision and he went after it. He used his vision to be able to do what is God’s will for him, and because of that, he became one of the great leaders in the bible. Having a clear vision is crucial for leadership. No one would follow a leader that doesn’t know or even see a goal, right? But if the vision is the most powerful weapon of a leader, how do we obtain it? Is it automatic like it just pops in our minds one morning? Similar to Moses, we obtain a clear vision out of something we cannot tolerate anymore. Moses grew tired of seeing the Israelites suffer in the hands of the Egyptians. That is his clear vision, his goal, to free his people from Egyptians. God saw everything and felt the same as Moses, and from there, their hearts and spirits aligned to achieve one similar goal. God uses Moses’ discontent to get His people out of Egypt.

We all have something that makes us say, “This has to stop!” But what are those things that pushed us to our limits? That is our Holy Discontent. Our holy discontent makes us move and do an action to stop what we cannot bear. And whatever our discontent may be, we must not just ignore it, because it may one day give us the vision. So how can we do this?

1.    Not every burden is a Holy Discontent – we are looking at something that binds us; something that crushes us to the point we cannot stand it anymore. And God is telling you that you are made to overcome that problem. But we must remember that we should confirm this burden if it’s really our discontent so we can make an appropriate action to it.
2.    Find it; don’t lose hope! – If you still don’t know what your discontent is, don’t lose hope! Expose yourself and heart to every circumstance. Get out of your house, socialize and listen to stories. You may find your discontent to someone that you thought is okay but deep inside is not. His/her life problem may be your discontent.
3.    If you found it, fan it! – When you already know your discontent and the vision is clear to you, fan the flames! Give your all to it, and be on fire. Because this gives birth to Godly visions and we are catapulted to leadership. And we all want to be led by a leader that knows first thing in the morning what is his vision and goal for everyone.

When we work through our discontent, we may get discouraged. There will be times that we will be disheartened by trials that forbid us from achieving our vision. We may give up and surrender but no matter what happens we must now that nothing is impossible with God. So DO NOT LET YOUR HOPE DIE. Failures are part of the process, so do not let the discontent that was given to you die because God entrusted you that. Look upon God; focus on Him because the very moment we are losing hope means we start focusing on people.