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As we go through the book of Genesis, we can list down a lot of remarkable followers of God and one of them is Joseph. Who is Joseph? He is one of the twelve sons of Jacob and his favorite one. There are distinct and noticeable characteristics that only Joseph has, including his constant dreaming. Aside from being their father’s favorite, Joseph’s dreams also became one of the reasons why his siblings grew hatred for him. His siblings plot a plan of killing him but one of them said why not just put him in the well, then another suggested to sell him instead. So Joseph’s siblings decided to sell him, which brings him into different unfortunate circumstances. But despite all the danger and struggles that are thrown at him, he stayed faithful and remained his trust to God. Aside from it, he always does his best in everything, which is why everyone sees that God is always with him.

When Joseph faced trials and even temptation, he chose to focus on God. Why? Because he knows that God is in charge of everything, and will always provide options and solutions for escaping the trials. He knows that God is God of all, and He will never leave His true followers. Here are 3 points we can relate with the life of Joseph.

1.    You always have a choice – When we face problems, God will give you strength and if you really don’t have the strength, he will give you a way of escape to save you—a way that will lead you to better situations.
2.    God is a God of All – He is not just a God of beautiful sunrises but in times, He is also a God of rough tides. We should not expect that God will just give us good times but He will bring bad times to show us that we need to trust in Him because He is in charge of any circumstances. These bad times are just His trials to strengthen our faith, our trust, and also to mold us to be better Christians.
3.    Focus on God – During bad times and struggles, when you reach the point of giving up and you’re losing all your hope and trust to God when our downfall and those people who are putting us there is all we see, those are the times that God wants you to focus on Him. We must know that the moment we focus on people we will be disappointed, so we need to just focus on God.

The promise is not prosperity, the promise is “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. We must remember that when the tides are rough and we seem to cannot escape the trials, we should put all our trust in God because everything that is happening to us is well planned by Him.