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Joseph has been very obedient and dependent on God. When he was sold, had been wrongly accused, and even put in jail, Joseph remained his faith and so everyone who knows and sees him says that God is with Him.

He devoted all his life to God; which is why He never left his side. God knew that Joseph wasn’t after all the life’s riches and bounty. Joseph seeks only God’s guidance and glory.

We may think, how can we be as faithful as Joseph? Are there any steps on how he remained with God? We can do a heart check, what do Joseph keep in his heart all throughout his journey to remind himself that whatever he does, he will do it for God.

Here are 4 things Joseph kept in his heart that may help us get through our day-to-day living now:

1.    The world is not our world – We cannot deny that we are obsessed with deceitful things the world has to offer. We are easily attached to things we thought we needed in life because the world has many ways to entice us in wanting it. But, what we badly need to know is first; we cannot love everything in this world. Second, we must not be immersed deeply with the life’s misleading promises. Third, let’s all not forget that there’s still second life in heaven with God where, fourth, we will be experiencing the true blessings and riches we can never find here on Earth.

2.    Importance of Godliness – As we continue to live here on earth we are exposed to different ungodly things, circumstances, and even people. We are all guilty of committing sins, may it be small or big; and as we are all stained with our own sins, we must help each other to turn into better followers of God as early as today. For there is no sin too small not to hurt God and too big for Him not to forgive.

3.    Total submission to God’s will – We don’t need to be prophets nor we acquire special gifts for us to know what is God’s will. But the question is if we seek God’s will for us and He showed it, but it turns out to be something we don’t want, will we still be obeying and submitting to it? Are we ready to entrust everything to Him? Are we in total submission to be used for God’s will?

4.    A Sovereign Loving God – We knew that no doubt, God could do impossible things. But we are also wrestling with our thought if will God do it to your life? What Joseph kept in his heart is that God is a sovereign loving God. He is in control of everything. We must know like Joseph that God will be in control of our lives and the lives of the people around us as long as we kept this in our hearts.