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Sometimes, it is us who are blocking God's blessings. Our lack of faith and trust on the Lord is one of the main barriers that hides in the name of "fear". This contributes a lot to our character on how we deal with the daily circumstances. Every day God can bless us in every way He wants us to be bless. It may be in the areas of finances, relationship, work, talents, and many different areas - perhaps on something that you are struggling with and really need God’s blessings of restoration. Therefore, what do we do to open the door of God’s blessings? First, let us take out fear from our hearts and replace it with faith.

How do we Overcome Fear?

The following points will help us take the fear out of our heart:

1.) KNOW GOD.  KNOW HIS WORD.SPEAK HIS PROMISES. The Bible/Scriptures is where we can find the knowledge about God, His Word, and His promises. God wants us to know Him. He wants us to draw closer to Him that He can bless us. God wants us to study His Word that it will be our weapon and channel of blessings in our daily lives. The Lord wants us to always remember His promises and know that it is for us.

2.) IMMERSE YOURSELF IN GOD’S PRESENCE. We must know that God is always with us. God wants to be with us. We should acknowledge His presence all the time for He never leaves us nor forsake us. Whatever the plight of life one may take God is there to accompany and encourage us. He is there to help us carry our cross.

3.) BE FILLED WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT. God sent His son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. When it was already time for Jesus to return to heaven He had given us the Holy Spirit that we may receive power and guidance. The Holy Spirit is the help that the Lord has given us so that we may have the courage and not fear. Hence, we should ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon us always.

4.) KNOW THAT GOD IS GOOD AND HE LOVES YOU. God has given us amazing gift such as power, love, and self-control. God gives us His promises and assurance. He wants us to know that He is good to all His children and that He loves them. God provides for us and He never fails us. He never fails to fulfill His promises. Many pieces of evidence have been laid down in the Scriptures fulfilling God’s promises. Remember what God has done to Jacob, to his father Isaac, and to Abraham. He may delay it for a good purpose but He never fails to complete it.

It is not enough that we know God is good and that He loves us. God also wants us to love others and forgive them if they have wronged us. For being unforgiving will only take us away from His presence and His great plans for us.

Are you ready to receive the full blessings of God?