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This is the biggest question of mankind way back to Job’s time. But first of all, who is Job? Job is a man of God, a true servant, and follower. We can say he is righteous for making God be the center of his life despite being abundant in riches and love of family.

One day, Satan being persuasive in making the man doubt their faith, asked God to give Job a trial that will shake him. God told Satan one thing, “Do what you want to do but never hurt him.” Then Satan left and proceed to give Job his trial. Not once or twice but three times, Satan throws trials to Job. Job was left with nothing but after all these unfortunate events, Job never blamed God instead he stayed firm and strengthens more his faith in the Lord. He remained upright and never allowed ungodly thoughts to corrupt his mind.

Now here are some reasons why God allow trials in our lives.

1.)    God Dependent – There are times that we become so full of ourselves. We become so arrogant and self-dependent. But once trials hit us, that’s when we’ll know that we are weak if we’re alone. God gives us struggles and problems so we will be reminded that we should be God-dependent and that we’re the strongest when with the presence Holy Spirit.

2.)    Mold Character – God’s way of teaching us how to love, how to be patient and kind, even how to be strong and courageous is to bring us to test. God allows trials to mold our characters, to shape us into better human beings.

3.)    Refines Us – It’s easy to say that we believe in Jesus, especially when times are good. But we must not be comfortable that there will be no bad season for us. Trials refine us from people who set God aside just because the tides aren’t rough. We must be distinct from people who aren’t tested and strengthened by God. We are chosen people of the Lord; the trials are just proof that God is moving to make us the better version of ourselves spiritually.

We may see trials as just punishments and burden but if we look at the different angle, it is just God wanting us to be upright and steadfast. You can now say that you can surpass any problem that life may throw at you because you have been enlightened and you have God beside you.