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We cannot deny that we are tempted by some worldly things and sometimes forget or even bargained our chance to have an intimate moment with God. In the story of Isaac and Rebekah’s sons, Jacob and Esau, we are told that ever since the two are still in Rebekah’s womb, they are at it at each other. So time passes by and the two brothers grew up, Esau being a skilled hunter and Isaac’s favorite while Jacob is a plain man, dwelling in tents and Rebekah’s favorite. One day Esau went home from a failed hunting, hungry and very tired then there he finds Jacob cooking in the kitchen. He immediately asks his brother to give him some of the stew that he was cooking. Jacob then asks for a deal, he said, “First, sell me your birthright.” And Esau replied, “Look I am about to die, what good is the birthright to me?” But Jacob insists to Esau to swear an oath to him. After the oath, Esau ate, drank and then leaves. That’s how much Esau despised his birthright. He didn’t know how he would be blessed and close to God because of his birthright. Esau chose to suffice his hunger over his blessing from God.

Similar to Jacob and Esau’s story, as we grow up we became more exposed to ungodly doings. As we’re living in this world, selfish desires and temporary gifts become more blinding for us to see the true blessing that God has to offer. Here are some points that may help us be aware of the things we thought are important.

1. Growth is not equal to Maturity – Gifts grow, bodies age, but it is most important that we mature as well. Mature in a way that we know what are the most important things we need in life so we may react right to problems that will come, to people who forces us to do unnecessary things and to
2. Do Not Starve Yourself – this means to feed yourself the Word of the Lord for His words suffice our spiritual hunger and leads us away from desperation. And in times of desperation, we attract those people who deceive us for their own advantage and as a result, we make bad choices—allowing ourselves to be godless and lack with the Word of God.
3. Know What You Got – As we can notice from Esau, he’s very much blessed by God. He’s given an amazing birthright, and blessings. But, Esau was blinded from his worldly desires. He thought his hunger is better than his birthright, what he doesn’t know is that he will be more blessed if he just valued his right.
4. Leave the bowl – Don’t be tempted to give up what you want the most for what you want now. As much as how we’re so easy to be deceived by our wants for the moment we must learn how to be strong for what we really want the most. We must be wary that we are just being tempted and blinded by the bowl that represents of what the world is offering to us over God’s greatest gift for us. 

Now ask yourself, "what am I choosing over my privilege to have an intimate moment with God?", or "what am I choosing over my blessing from the Lord?". Reflect on these and you will know if you have grown to be true to God's provisions and plans for us or you grew impatient like Esau and get blinded by the lope sided deal you are getting.