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Long ago, as chaos arises on earth and God’s people were slowly being eaten by sin, God decided to flood everything on the surface of the planet except for one chosen family, Noah’s family and a pair of animals of each kind. How did it happen? Noah obeyed God’s call to him. As he does his mission given by God, Noah faced multiple obstacles along his way. But despite these obstacles thrown at him, he remained composed and focused on what God wants him to do. God assigned Noah to do one job and He did not disappoint nor disobeyed Him.

Us Christians were also chosen to do what God assigned to each of us. We all have our own calling from God that we must comply and live with. And here are three things we can consider in recognizing our callings:

1.    Confirm Your Calling – Noah had a clear vision of what is God’s call to him. We too must confirm what wants us to do. We have different set of calling and God wants you to confirm what is yours through connecting with Him just how Noah connected with God and received his call.

2.    Conquer the Obstacles – Doing what God wants you to do doesn’t mean there are no obstacles along the way. In fact, doing your mission with God attracts more temptation, setbacks, and problems that might prevent you from reaching your goal to obey God. But despite all these, you must remember that with God, you can conquer any obstacles and will succeed in your mission.

3.    Complete the Mission – Your mission doesn’t end the moment you complete it despite it starts a new mission of spreading the lesson and knowledge you gained along doing it. So no matter what happens, do not stop the mission God has given you.