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We all go through tough times; and while we are drowning with our problems we unconsciously fill our minds and heart with toxic thoughts. We are all guilty of being weak in times of our struggle. It is exhausting and may lead to bad things but with God in our hearts we can assure guidance and security.

Here are 5 things we may consider remembering when we are going through bumpy roads of our lives.

1.     Do Not Worry – in such a way that you knew God is in charge of your life. Do good even to those who are showing you and dragging you in bad situations. Like what David said in Psalm 37, those who are evil and envious would soon wither and die too like green plants. So trust and take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

2.     Always Trust – Only to the righteous God you must trust. For through Him alone you will be secured and saved. Through your downs and even ups, trust in the Lord.

3.     Obey God’s Word – Through His word everything was created, and so to His word we must obey. Through our obedience to Him, our hearts will be at peace and worry will be filtered from us.

4.     Believe His Miracles – God is a powerful God. Believe that He can do miracles; and if you give all your faith upon His works, be ready to witness His miracles happening in your life.

5.     Share His Gospel – In times of struggle, may it be you who are experiencing it or other people, always share His word. The most calming words you need to hear in times of difficulties is His word telling us how precious we are and how much He loves us. We must not be eaten by our rants and must not drown in worry for in His word we can find peace.