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Way back from the beginning of the human race, the war between good and evil has already existed. And for us who are God’s people, we do our best to be closer to God as much as possible in order to be saved from ungodly doings.

In the book of Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve’s children named Cain and Abel was told. Cain was a farmer and his brother Abel, was a shepherd. Then a day came when both of them gave an offering to God, each of his own produce. God favored Abel’s sacrifice but not Cain’s. God then talked to Cain, and He said not to look upon how great is other’s sacrifice for He do not look the same way as a man, He looks and judges by their hearts. But Cain being eaten by his anger then murdered his brother, and lied to God about the murder, resulting to receiving a curse from God and a life of wandering.

If we think why God was in favor with Abel, it will turn out that He was not judging through their sacrifices but through the purity of their hearts. Cain became greedy even after his conversation with God. Cain became weak against sin because his heart for God was weak.

Nowadays, as the world grew more surrounded by sin, Christians are the ones mostly tested. In order to win the war against sin, here are some points to consider:

·      Check your heart – God doesn’t look at your appearance or the things you have. He always checks your heart. If all your life, you look at what other people do, and not focus on your own, you won’t be able to guard your own heart from the temporary and sinful things this world is offering.

·      Fight and Choose: To Worship or Commit a Sin – In Genesis 4:6, it is said that if you do not do what is right, the sin will be crouching at your door waiting to have you, but you have to fight and rule over it. Worshipping Jesus can come in various forms. Even by doing the simplest act of kindness, you can worship Jesus. If you choose to sin, you have no trust in the promise of God that there is a life given to you which is far more greater than anything.

·      Do the right thing: Worship Jesus1 John 4:10 tells us about love, “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” Oh what joy to worship Jesus, and how wonderful it is to celebrate the love He gave us irreplaceable of the lame things here on Earth. Real love for Jesus is to feel that your life right now is not permanent and that Heaven waits for you, knowing that Jesus is there to be beside you.