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We all agree with being loved by God; that no one can love us as much as how God love us. But not all of us know how deep and pure is His love.

God promised us in Deuteronomy 31:6 to never leave nor forsake us. His promise signifies His great love for us, His most precious creation. We may say that He love us, but what we do not know, His love is so great that He gave His one and only son just to save us from our sins.

In fact, Jesus Christ does not deserve even a single whip, but because of us sinners, He had to face His death because He knows that it is His purpose. He faced every pain and torture because that just how much He loves us and that’s how we can be saved.

Many times we chose sin over holiness just like we chose Barabbas over Jesus. We are always blinded by ungodliness that is barricading us to see God’s love for us. In modern days, we always seek true love in any thing we want. We thought true love is about relationship with another human or possessing worldly desires. But the only true love that exists is the love of God when offered His only son Jesus to die for us in order to save those who ever will follow Him and gave the eternal life that we once had in the beginning.