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Do you still remember your firsts in life? The time you were born, your first walk, your first time to attend school, first trials, and first success. Do you still remember the first time you accepted Jesus? That moment you first realized  that our Lord Jesus Christ loves you. The truth is every beginning is precious not only for us but also to Jesus. In the book of Genesis, it tells us the story of how God created everything in the beginning. We can take note that God wants to be part of every beginning of all His creation. It is a reminder for us to involve God and make Him our companion in our every step in life.

In the creation story, we must all know that in the beginning when God made everything, He saw that it was all very good. How? Here are 4 reasons how God said that all His creation was very good:

1.     Because God Said – God saw His creation as very well because God said. And by His word, He showed His will, power and authority of His divinity. By just His words He already know that all of us whom He created are beautiful. Through His powerful words we became His perfect creation. His powerful word made everything very good, be it our life, our appearance, even the world we are living in right now. For us believers, no matter how great our difficulties, and trials, we must trust God that through his words, everything will be very good soon.

2.     Because God Formed – From darkness and void, God molded us into beautiful creatures. It is God who created us that’s why all of His creation is very good. We are created after His image, and breathe us life. God allotted effort and His love to form us into beautiful creatures. Just like God, we can create good relationship with our family, friends and any one on earth if we invest our effort in having good relationship with them.

3.     Because God Provide – We are not just formed but God also provided us everything we need. God saw His creation very good because He provided all things needed. In our lives, we cannot force what we want to happen because that will be against God’s will for us. But we can put our hearts at peace and let God fulfill His promise to give what we need most right now. Sometimes we did everything to provide solution to get what we want but what we just need to do sometimes is to pray and believe that He will provide.

4.     Because God Entrusted – God created Heavens and Earth and everything above and beneath, and entrusted Adam & Eve to rule over it. He saw that His creation as very good yet He entrust two of His creation to take over everyone else. This tells us that God trusts us so much with His creations and everything we received was never an accident but was planned by God so we must enrich it. God entrusts and blesses us to be a blessing to others.

One may ask, what is the purpose of the creation story? Here’s some reason why God told us the beginning of everything:

1.     He is God of order, logic, reason and masterful planning

2.     He is not to answer all the questions of man

3.     He is not to make us astronomers and geologists

4.     He is to lead us to worship God himself

But the problem is SIN. It was mentioned in creation story how Adam and Eve disobeyed God and fall for serpent’s deceiving words. Fact is, we are free to do whatever we want but our disobedience will end every wonderful blessing God planned for us. We must remember that all these beautiful things God created and God entrusts us will vanish if we disobey. We must also be aware that our disobedience and sins will hunt us to face all of its consequences.

For the very essence of creation story is for us to be amazed and praise Him for we are just His creation and yet He loves us so much.