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The world is in between left and right chaos. Local and international turmoil is disturbing many. Questions are popping all around, why are we experiencing these? How worse these suffering and danger could get?

In Matthew 24 Jesus tackled how the earth will be destroyed and that no stone will be left on another, deceivers will come to Him calling Him the Messiah, wars, and rumors will arise as the end times will come. And in John 16:33, in this world we will experience trials and sorrows. It is long ago prophesied that the world will be shaken and will be in tribulations; now we’re experiencing these because the so-called worldwide chaos is nearly here. But God said all of these so that we may find peace in Him.

Take heart, because I have overcome the world. – Jesus said. In times like these where everybody’s questioning why all of these are happening? Will we be saved? Who is saying the truth? We must be glad and put our trust in Him because only the ones who believes and has his faith in Him will be saved. As soon as the world crash down in wars, crisis, calamities, and unbelievers, He will save those who are His child for He said HE HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD.