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The book of Joshua presents a character named Rahab, a prostitute living in Jericho who holds a vital role for the success of Israelites in invading the land of Jericho. She was the girl who let the two spies of Joshua into her house and who hid them from the soldiers of the King of Jericho. Continuing the story, Israelites was now in front of Jericho when the soldiers closed the gate so that they can’t enter the land. God then told Joshua that He already gave the land of Jericho in Joshua’s hands. God gave instructions to Joshua, and with God’s help and faith and obedience of Joshua and the Israelites, the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

We can see in this that first, God uses the lowest of the lows to fulfill His promise to Joshua. So if you’re thinking, can God use you? Yes, God will use each one of us for His plans for everyone. Second, if God promised you something, consider it good as done. Third and most important, we have to act and persevere; we have to continue the plan even if things seem impossible to be done.

Here are three points we get in the story of Joshua, Rahab and the wall of Jericho.

1. Faith Requires Action – If God just gives us commands that are easy, then how can we show that we have faith in Him? What kind of faith do we give to God if we want Him to show us a sure success beforehand? Sometimes, our problem is we say that we commit to the Lord, but when the time comes that we need to act according to His plan we doubt or worst we do not obey. This means our faith doesn’t only need to be announced, it also needs and requires an action regardless of the success and blessings that God may give afterward. It is said in James 2:14, faith without action is dead. Just like Rahab, she acted on her faith, which leads her from being labeled a prostitute to an upright woman.

2. God has won your Battle – Before the battle of Jericho has started, God already told Joshua that He gave the land to his hands. It shows here that even if we haven’t seen God’s action to our battle, He already won it for us. And the other thing that He needs to win is the battle inside of us. We are sometimes get overwhelmed by our worries because we have a huge problem in front of us. We have our own wall of Jericho that hinders us to claim that God already won our battle for us. But take heart, no wall or hindrance can stand against our God who is willing to empower us to break down our walls.

3. Do it Anyway – This is how perseverance works. You do it anyway, even if you see no progress yet. Even if it’s not yet clear but God told you so, you do it anyway. Because time will come that every perseverance and faith we give for His plans will pay off. Just like the Israelites who put their effort for 6 days, without knowing the reason why God’s instructions need to take that long but they do anyway, and on the 7th day God fulfills His promise to Joshua and He bring the wall down.