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Who among you are leaders? The truth is, every one of us can be a leader or is already a leader— you’re already a leader if you’re a parent, or simply assigned by your teacher to lead your group, and even in work if there are people under you. In the Bible, one of the most known leaders is Moses; and when the name Moses was raised to conversation it was always followed by the name of Joshua. Today, we’re going to tackle about Joshua, the leader next to Moses, and how God reminded him to be strong and courageous.

Moses was very old by the time of their journey towards the Promised Land, but after his disobedience to God’s clear command, he was told that he cannot proceed to the Promised Land, and so God called him to the top of a mountain to just show how wide and beautiful it is and then there died peacefully, no one knows what happened to Moses by that time but as God’s promise, he was personally buried by God in a place that up until now no one knows the exact location. In Deuteronomy, before Moses died, he already passed the legacy, the leadership and the reminders to Joshua before the Israelites. The story continued by God telling Joshua that Moses already died, and so he must be ready and the Israelites to pass the Jordan river towards the land He had promised. God, provided everything for them and promised that He will guide Joshua just as how He guided Moses.

In Joshua 1:6-9, we see that God said three times to Joshua to be strong and courageous, and not deviate from the word, because He is the next leader of the Israelites. God knows that His plans for Joshua is difficult but God also promised that He would always be with Joshua, He just needs to be strong and courageous.

It is true that it’s hard to lead, mostly when no one’s going to follow you. There are instances when the leader’s gone, the group tends to forget the teachings and reminders and become disunited. But how can we overcome these? How can we become strong and courageous just what God wants us to be? Here are three points that can help us to grow stronger and more courageous leaders of God:

1. Read it Aloud – Do not let this book of the law depart from your mouth. Some of us are guilty of falling asleep while reading the bible. Which is why it is more ideal to read the Bible aloud, in this case, it sinks into our minds more making us remember and understand more the Word of God. There is power in tongue, when we say the word aloud we are already declaring his Word.

2. Keep in Mind – Meditate on it, day and night. The Holy Spirit raises verses that really strike you, when this comes, you can highlight it on your bible, write it on your journal, and you will read it several times asking the Lord what He really wants to tell you. And while we meditate on these verses, we must keep it in our minds. How? Ideally, we can create a tune out of it so it is personal, and we can memorize and remember the Word very well, this fills us with the Spirit again making us strong and courageous.

3. Apply It – So you can be careful to do all that is written in it. This means God’s promise in order to prosper us is to apply His Word. There are some people that suppress God’s plan because they are too afraid to apply His word in their lives. They know God, they believe in Him but they do not want to move for His Word. But God empowers us to move, to apply His Word and to be leaders that will show the people that he’s willing to be strong and courageous for the one true King.