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According to the Lord’s prayer, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven”. The will of God is to have Heaven here on earth. The question is, why is there sickness here on earth? Why are there killings, addiction, calamities and heinous acts of mankind? Is that what heaven looks like as it is said in the prayer the will of the Lord be done on earth as it is in Heaven. If it’s God’s will to bring his will in heaven here on earth, what is happening to our world?

We are aware that God wants the earth to be like heaven but we are far from being like Heaven. Is there poverty in His kingdom? Sickness? Death? None! His will is to make the heaven and earth alike but His will is not being done here in our world. The problem is the dominion of the earth has been given to man and man sinned. We have normalized bad things being the will of God to us, but it is a misconception that leads the mankind to sin more. It all started with one sin of a man, Adam, the sin that gave dominion to Satan. It brought death, sickness, and disease. This caused sin to rule over many— blinding the minds of those who don’t believe. The good news is God has corrected it through the death of His Son Jesus Christ. We have been freed from the works of evil the moment Jesus Christ died on the Cross.

Now, it is up to us, the kingdom of God is within us. We’re now in charge of bringing a piece of heaven here on earth. It is not God’s will for us to suffer in the hands of evil; he doesn’t want us to be destroyed because it is only the devil that kills. God has no pleasure in destroying or seeing anyone die, God simply wants us to repent and be healed. The truth is God gave us the solution not the problem and the solution is Jesus Christ.

He paid for your healing with His life. Your life has been paid for you to be healed. There are two kinds of healing—the gift of healing and healing received by Faith. Not all people have the gift of healing but everyone can still be healed. How? By faith. Believe that Jesus paid for your healing and believe that it is not dependent on God but it is up to you to receive. Receive it, believe it and you will be healed.

How come not everyone gets healed?

Remember that as far as God is concerned, healing is already fully paid for by the blood of His Son Jesus. To be healed is to believe 100% and have no doubts that God is able to do what He promised. If your faith has 1% doubt it is now equivalent to total unbelief. We must know that our healing depends on our faith that we will receive God’s grace. Sometimes we don’t get healed not because of God’s sending problem but our receiving problem, our faith. Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not there.

Remember: There is no sickness in Heaven. The kingdom of God is within you. Jesus paid for your healing. Sometimes, not everyone gets healed, but it is not God’s fault. It’s not a sending problem it’s a receiving problem. In our faith we receive healing, and in our faith, we bring Glory to him. Mostly, believe God’s promises 100% and do not doubt no matter what.

Romans 4:18-24 “In hope, he believed against hope. He did not weaken in faith.”