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Christmas is the best time of the year for Revelation City Church, because it's a weeklong celebration of Christ's birth and everything else that makes the season wonderful. There were a lot of singing, dancing and rocking out to Christian tunes. Everything was captured all on camera, but beyond the pictures were amazing experiences. 

There is no other way to celebrate Jesus than to party and worship Him with joy! All praises to Jesus for the indescribable gift of life, choice and salvation! Christmas always brings families together and so we thank Jesus for the gift of family.

December 9, 2017: Samba Zumba Glitz and Glam Christmas Party

A glitz and glam Christmas for Jesus!

We have God to thank for, for using exercise as a form of assembling people to know Jesus more. What started with just 7 members 2 years ago now has 70 plus members. Through our unique approach of sharing God's Word prior Zumba sessions, we have now built friendships, strengthened by love and faithfulness. We are truly blessed!


December 13, 2017: Revelation Kids "Si Hesus ang Star ng Pasko" Christmas Party

It was wonderful and successful night of almost 300 kids celebrating Jesus as the Star of Christmas! The camaraderie, praise and worship, the wonderful presentations, the message and gift giving. We are grateful for all those who took time and effort to give the kids a beautiful Christmas. This night was full of joy and love!


December 14, 2017: Thursdates Retro Christmas Party

A crazy fun night with the Thursdates group. It's a flashback retro Christmas to celebrate Jesus, who is forever the same yesterday, today and forevermore!


December 15, 2017: TGIF Teens #OOTD Christmas Party

TGIF Friday Teens OOTD Party: Our branding is Jesus! God has set destiny in the hearts of the teens. May we raise the next generation of young, faithful world changers of Jesus.


December 16-24, 2017: Sambang Gabi

Our weeklong Sambang Gabi services focused on Jesus as the friend of sinners, Emmanuel, the Lamb of God and Prince of Peace. We learned that we should always find peace in circumstances, relationships and in our souls. As Christians, we are also called to seek first His kingdom and righteousness. We also learned that we should never take God for granted and instead, practice in His presence. Our sins are paid in full and we are called to be justified through faith in the cross, sanctified by becoming Christ-like and glorified when Christ returns. We also talked about the gift of life, choice and salvation! 

During the first and last day of Sambang Gabi, the Revelation Teens TGIF praised and worshipped God through a theatrical and musical Christmas Cantata. It reminded everyone of God's provision and Jesus as the King of Kings!


December 21, 2017: Volunteers Christmas Party

God empowers those who are with Him. The Christmas party for volunteers was one for the books! A night of performances, games and raffle were done in celebration of God's greatness to His people. 


Jesus is definitely the reason for this season and we are forever thankful for His gift of Life, Choice and Salvation!