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As another season is about to come, we will face another chapter of our lives. Just like fruits, people also have different set of seasons. These seasons represent what we are going through in life. We may see someone as a happy person but deep inside he or she can be having a bad day. It all depends on his or her season in life. In Genesis 1:2, Jesus created light with just His words. One may ask how can God create light in the midst of darkness? Simple, God uses His Glory to see in the middle of darkness. When we are down and in our bad season, God will use His glory to give you light through darkness. We just have to know that with God, our bad situation is just a season that will pass and eventually change into something better.

Each year when New Year comes, we build hope for another year. We leave all our worries in the past year and look forward to blessings for the coming year. We use the bad seasons to look forward for greater things. These bad seasons also made us stronger through time.

In the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1, it tells us that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Here’s the 3 points that tells us about our seasons.

1. We are not our Season – Every one of us is all having a season, but these seasons do not define us. If before you’re always have debt and people see you as a person who never runs out of debt, doesn’t mean you’ll be forever heavily in debt. It is just your season, and that season will pass through God’s glory. In Romans 8:28, it tells us that God works for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to His purpose. Let this resonate in our soul, that if we love God, all our focus is for Him then He will provide good plans for us.

2. We are Eternal Beings – We are made in God’s image. He created us with eternity in his mind. We are not created just for our life today, but for our eternal life with Him in heaven. But some of us focus more on the short lifetime that God lend us instead to the eternal life that God planned for us. We value riches, business, reputation, power and relationship with others. This is because we are on that current situation. But if we only focus on eternity, we will see that the things we treasure are just for now. We are eternal beings that were made to live an eternal life with Jesus.

3. Embrace Your Season – As we said, we all have different seasons in life. But no matter what our season may be, we should learn to embrace it. We should not despise it because God plans everything and He has a good reason for giving it to us. We should trust God that our pain and bad seasons are also His way of leading us towards the good seasons. We just have to strengthen our faith to Him because it is our gateway to turn the bad seasons around.

As New Year comes, we cannot prevent bad things to happen. There will be a time that we’re in a bad mood, sad, uneasy, happy or excited. We will be in different season that may or may not break us. But with Jesus Christ on our side, problems will be just problems and seasons will be just seasons. As long as we keep Him the organizer of our life, we will never be afraid instead we will be more accepting with whatever life gives us.