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In the book of Isaiah 40:9-1, he says to the Israelites that someday the savior will come, and he will be like a shepherd that will guide and prosper us. The Israelites believed and waited for the shepherd for about 700 years. They waited for the savior to come for that long without knowing if He will really come.

Let’s ask ourselves, how long are we willing to wait for the coming of the good shepherd?

The Israelites are so eager for the savior that’s why they waited for hundreds of years. It is how we measure our willingness to wait. If we really want something, no matter how long it will come, we will be excited and patient in waiting for it.

In John 10:11-12, Jesus said that He is the good shepherd, and He will sacrifice His life for his sheep. And we are Jesus’ sheep. He’s here to guide and protect us from wolves that will try to harm us.

In a similar story in Psalm 23:1-4, it tells that Jesus is our shepherd, our shield and guidance through dark valleys of death and danger. And because He’s our shepherd, here’s what we can do:

1.     Beware of the hired hand – These are the people whom we cannot trust. They are not reliable for our safety and will just prove that he will abandon us when danger comes. Unlike Jesus, who will protect and patiently guide us back to our way and will make sure to keep us safe.

2.     Don’t be afraid of anything – This is because we have a good shepherd. And a good shepherd never abandons his sheep. Jesus is our good shepherd that will be on our side, mostly when we are in doubt and afraid. He will tell us not to be afraid for He is with us.

3.     Accept His Rod and Staff – Jesus as our good shepherd holds a rod and staff. Sometime people tend to be hard headed just like a sheep. He uses it not to harm us but for a simple tap when we are lost in our way. It is our comfort when we are lost for we know that with His rod and staff He will reach and guide us back to Him.

People are blessed to have such a good shepherd. We may wait a hundred years for him to come like the Israelites but we know that as soon as He came, we will all be safe and sound in His hands. He will never abandon us, he will be there on our side, and He will be the good shepherd that the prophets said He is.