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Many of us still doubt the existence of Jesus. Sometimes we question if the apostles really experienced meeting Jesus Christ. Are their stories for real?

In the book of John 1:1, he said that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  It tells us that even from the very beginning the Word existed, and it was with God, and it was God. The word that John was referring to was Jesus. This is because from the very beginning God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit co-exist as one even in three different forms.

So, how can we be sure that the story of John is true? There have been another 11 apostles who sacrificed their lives just to prove their faith and belief of God. These apostles not just died in a natural way but in a very brutal way. They did not bail out and call on Jesus as fake instead they remained their faith until their last breath. This is enough proof to say that the 12 apostles are telling us real experiences in meeting Jesus because no man would sacrifice his life for something petty.

Now that we established that Jesus is the word that became flesh, here are 3 points of what we can do to know more about Him.

1.     Know His Character – Through bible, Jesus wants us to know all about Him. He will not hide anything instead He will show everything to us. If we give our focus on knowing Jesus, we will see that He’s here not to harm us but to give prosper and hope for our future. Jesus is unlike any other mortal that even if we knew for years, they still hide some things from us that usually became the root of our failed relationships, be it with family or friends.

2.     Know His Will – As Jesus is the Alpha and Omega; He must have the final say in our lives. But how can He give us His final say if at first we do not know what are His will. We tend to seek what will happen to us through horoscope, palm reading and other worldly signs. But what we should seek is the will of Jesus for us. In Romans 12:2, He said that we should not be carried away with how the world runs, instead Let the will of Jesus take over and we will do what is good and acceptable for Jesus.

3.     Know His Truth – In Ephesians 4:14, it says that we will never be beaten by the world’s teachings, and we will never be deceived by sinful schemes because we have the bible, we know the living word; and we carry Jesus in our hearts hence we can know truth through Jesus.

We can never remove problems in our lives. But if we know the Living word, we take time to understand Him and his will. Even if we are in deep pit of our dark phase in lives, we are sure that we will be safe and saved because we let Jesus take over and reign over us.