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Every one of us has different sets of needs and wants. The problem is, it's not all the time we can have what we want and need in life. From there, also comes our everyday hustle just to provide for our necessities. And because of that, we tend to focus ourselves with work that we sometimes forget that it’s not us who provide, but God.

It is God who gives every thing we receive, and by everything, it is not limited to our material needs. It is God who provide because He’s the only one who has unlimited supplies, enough to provide for all of us.

As Philippians 4:19 said, God will provide everything for us according to the riches of His glory through Jesus Christ.

Here are 3 points for us to understand how God is our only Provider:

1.     He will give everything you needWhen God said He will provide, it doesn’t mean that He will give even the things we don’t need. Sometimes we pray for unnecessary things and hope for it to be answered right away, little did we know that God teaches us to wait. He knows what to give and when to give it to us. In Genesis 22:7-8, the story includes the story of Abraham and His son regarding their offering. There it shows Abraham’s faith that God will provide for them. We should be like Abraham who put his faith and trust to the Lord and let Him take over our needs.

2.    He will provide through Jesus Christ – God will give all the blessings through His son Jesus Christ. Sometimes we seek God’s blessings through wrong things. If we focus with His son, all our blessings will come. Sometimes, the source is already in front of us, we just choose to be discontented and build blockages. If we give God and His son Jesus Christ our 100% faith, this blockage will vanish and we will be showered with blessings. 

3.    Keep your Faith that God will provide – Let’s not get tired of asking for God’s provision. In a similar story in Luke 18:2, it tells a story of a widow who persistently ask an arrogant and unjust judge to give justice to her adversary and eventually made him notice her request. This is just the same with requests to God. From morning to our sleep we seek for God’s blessings, but the point is, do we pray for it everyday? God will provide us something very important for us if He sees us being persistent on having it through our sincere prayers.

All of us come to a point where we question God’s provision. We are thinking if God will really give us the blessings we deserve and we seek. But if we put our faith and trust to God and if we don’t forget that He is the only provider, we can expect that we will be experiencing a shower of blessings through Jesus Christ.