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In accordance with what the Bible said, we Christians are called not to be drunk with the sinful wine but to be filled with the Holy Ghost.

We are very fond of idolizing and praising actors and politicians. We’re giving them our full support because they give us worldly entertainment, but when it comes with praising Jesus, we are all guilty for not giving our 100%. The world really tests our Christianity with many deceiving things that we sometimes fall into, but same as being filled with the Holy Spirit. Let’s not focus on praising normal people or being drunk with sinful wine and instead let’s give our hundred percent praise and support to our mighty Lord Jesus Christ.

Is it really hard to let ourselves soak in the presence of the Lord? Or are we just blinded by unnecessary things we put first in our lives? And what does being filled with Holy Ghost means?

God gave His only son to save us from our sins to fill us with rightful joy, but people are not contented.

With our sins, we always come short, every time we choose the wine that the world gives, we come short and because of this, some Christians are making a way to say that they still believe in Jesus even if they are already veiled with sinful desires; in other words, “Sunday Christianity”. These people are contented with just attending the Sunday service but they don’t let the Holy Spirit take over them all the time. Sometimes, people already know that they are empty, but they don’t take the extra mile to figure out what they really need to fill their emptiness.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is all about reflecting the image of God and showing that you are spiritually changed. We need the warmth of the Holy Spirit and not the convenience brought by our material joys. A Christians’ life is letting the Holy Spirit be alive in our hearts, minds and soul. Let’s not be contented with Sunday Christianity. Let’s not taste the temptation of the sinful wine but let’s be filled with the Holy Spirit and live the word of God.