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December 3, 2017, Revelation City Church - A TASTE OF HEAVEN IN ONE DAY.

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With all the wonderful things that God has done at Revelation City Church, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been three years. God has given us abundant stories to tell of how He has worked in our midst this past 3 years.

The beauty of it all is that we’re just in the opening pages of our story.

It all began when Pr. John Ong and Ms. Monique Ong answered the call of God to share the love of Jesus by serving their neighbors. When we opened our doors, the first ones to respond were the children; over 200 kids would come week after week learning about Jesus and being discipled.

God’s faithfulness reflected on our people being multiplied. We are now growing in the Lord with families gathering in Jesus name.

We started our 3rd Year Anniversary with a morning service at 10:00 am, where Pr. John Ong discussed about walking by faith, no matter what the price to pay, the possibility, and the profit from it all. Our faith in God only intensifies when we invite Jesus into our lives. It is in accepting that God’s ways are far better that our own can we only genuinely show that we have faith in Jesus.

We wouldn’t have our blessed church today if we didn’t walk by faith 3 years ago.

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We have a lot to be thankful for. By lunch, we all went up the 3rd floor to have our joyful Pot Bless, where we shared what we are thankful for over food. We were able to hear stories of lives that have been transformed in just a span of year! God indeed moves in mysterious and great ways.


By afternoon, we opened our Kids Zone to engage the youth in an afternoon of fun, educational and exciting games. We are always fervent in teaching the children about the word of God in creative and fun ways.

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The street party started at 5:00 pm, and it kicked off with the Samba Zumba team, dancing and stretching through the sunset, followed by a Worship Street Jam by the Revelation band. It was from that energy in praising and worshipping God that Pr. Peter Aguila came up the stage to challenge everyone on evangelizing the Word to all nations.

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Those who believed and accepted the challenge received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, declaring their commitment to bringing God’s kingdom here on Earth. Praise God for breakthroughs! We knew God was at work with Pr. Peter that night, all for the glory of His kingdom.

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This was beautifully transitioned by a video showing the highlights of Revelation City Church through the years. We have God to thank for!

We are claiming God’s promise, because in His cross, we have been saved, and so nothing can ever come and stop our way. Together, Pr. John and Ms. Monique are trusting God for another huge and wonderful shift this year. As they discussed their new plans for the church, such as the new and improved Revelation ID system, and the re-opening of the Revelation Store, things got more exciting and promising. Everyone prayed with them, that Revelation City Church would become a worship, educational and sustaining center for God’s glory.

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The night became more beautiful, with the symbolical lighting of the parols that as Christmas draws near, we were all reminded that forever, our lives are for God, and God alone.


Worship jam continued on with Ogie Cayabyab, Nowe Mahiwaga and Say Maranatha!

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Up in the sky, we can imagine God smiling at us, as He marks His territory through this cross.

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It was a taste of heaven worshipping and praising God from morning til night! God is not done with us! Countless people have yet to be reached in Jesus Name, and with each individual reached, there will be a pool of stories of God at work in Revelation City Church.

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