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For most people, it's a hopeless case. But for Jonathan, anything is possible with God.

It was in 2012 when Jonathan Toledo, a 28 year old church and community leader, was diagnosed with Cellar Mass or brain tumor while he was working in Saudi Arabia. This left him unable to start having a defective sight.

He retook his tests when got back in the Philippines in 2013, and unfortunately he got the same results. To date, his tumor is already 5.9cm, making his sight more impaired. He needs $21, 720 for his operation and medications. 

Jonathan sees the world as an artwork, intricately sketched and colored by God, that even if everything is starting to become blurred, he still sees it as an opportunity to feel God's presence. 

While we, the Revelation City Church, continues to pray for healing, we're also knocking on your hearts to help raise money and accelerate Jonathan's rehabilitation. 

Helping Jonathan would be the same as sketching the world for him again, while continuously sustaining the zealous spirit which he has, and pave a way for a new tomorrow.

Please spread the word!


You may visit to check out how to donate for Jonathan's operation.


Thank you so much!!

Pastor John Ong

Revelation City Church