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I want to examine several verses today because they expose some sinful attitudes and actions that God hates. If God would declare His hatred for these sins, and He does in verse 16, then we must be sure we hate these sins as well. We must be sure that these sins are not a part of our lives.

I want to take these verses and consider their message today. I want you to know that the negative message in these verses can have a positive influence on our lives, if we will adopt the changes He has in mind. I want to preach on the thought God Hates It!

Let me share with you the thoughts that present themselves to us in this text. These thoughts will teach us that what God hates should never be found in our lives. If we are His, we will hate what He hates, and we will love what He loves. These are the 7 Deadly Sins:

1.     Haughty Eyes

2.     Lying Tongue

3.     Hands that Shed Innocent Blood

4.     A Heart that Devices Wicked Plans

5.     Feet that are Swift to Run to Evil

6.     A False Witness who Pour Out Lies

7.     A Person Who Spreads Discord Among Family Members