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Some people claim that it takes a lot of effort to fully accept Jesus Christ. We have our own desires and would rather live selfishly, than exert effort in pleasing our God.

When I realized that there’s more to life than what I have in this temporary world, that’s the time I knew that God as my Creator has bigger plans for me. Indeed, believing is not an easy thing to do. Like an old friend, it takes years to fully trust a person. We go through a lot of things together before we have that eternal bond.

Our love, reverence and faith in God are very much like that. Even if we don’t see Him, we need to read through His scriptures and see how He works in mysterious ways first before we would fully understand who He is in our life.

Once, I’ve dreamed of becoming successful, rich and fulfilled. I thought that contentment was something you work hard for, in order to have a personal gain.  I was lost and wandering too much. Right after, I had to go through a long phase of quarter life crisis. It was very difficult to handle. I was questioning my career, my choices, my circle of friends, and even my course in college. I had to seek advice from my old friends. They told me that life may give me a box of oranges, and sometimes boxes of different fruits; I may feel very happy about it, or I could have one orange and share the other oranges to others, and still feel happy and contented. Contentment is a state of mind. That's the time I realized that there is indeed a greater being who will love me no matter what. I also started feeling selfless and weightless. I lifted up everything to Him and started the journey of my faith.

Fortunately, I found my peace with the Lord; I had an appeasement irreplaceable of anything this world can offer.

Our bible study last March 18, 2015 was very timely. It reminded me that God is watching me and guiding me; I just have to believe in Him no matter what. Our thorough discussion enumerated the marks of a real believer.

1. Obedience.

Obeying our Lord through the little things is very important and crucial as a Christian. This is the same as practicing what you preach. We can always say how much we value the teachings of the Lord, but if we don’t execute what we know, then it is useless.

2. Be unpopular.

We should always keep our feet on the ground. This world can offer unimaginable things beyond what we dream of as humans like fame and fortune, but we have to continue seeking for His will and power over us.

3. Accept opposition.

People will not always agree with you. We all have different interpretations on things, but as believers, we have God on our side.

4. Sacrifice.

This is the most challenging part of believing. Because of our own desires as humans, we tend to put more effort on luxurious materials than venturing our faith in God.

5. Expect persecution.

Even in the Bible, Christians were stoned to death for believing in Jesus Christ. Every burden we have, let’s lift up to the Almighty.

We may be distracted by a lot of things, but let’s always be reminded of how powerful God’s love is for us. He gave us His only begotten son to save us from our sins. In turn, let’s surrender and believe that in His time, we will have a place in His Kingdom.